The Chalice Box 11/15

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The Chalice Box
$15 Per Box
One Pop Per Box

Limit 1 per customer

You will Receive one random pop from the list of 300 pops below.

List of 300 Pops:
1x Masked Ochaco
1x The Flash (Chase)
1x Baxter Stockman (GITD)
1x Elvira Chase (GITD)
1x Freddy Funko as Black Mantra
1x Dabi (Shared)
12x Kid Buu (Chase)
12x Korra (Chase)
13x Vegeta Galick (Chase)
13x Vegeta Powering Up (Chase)
60x Kid Buu
60x Korra
62x Vegeta Galick
62x Vegeta Powering Up

No returns or exchanges.
Can not be combined with pre-orders.