The Chalice Box 9/20

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Limit 1 Boxes per customer

Each box contains ONE Random Pop from the list Below
There are a total of 200 Boxes Available

Below is a list of all 200 possible Pops included.
1x Masked Ochaco (SDCC)
1x Whis (SDCC)
1x Eeyore (Chase)
4x Bakugo (Shared Sticker)
8x Vegeta (Powering up) - Chase
8x Kale - Chase
8x Vegeta (Galick) - Chase
40x Vegeta (Powering up)
40x Kale 
40x Vegeta (Galick) 
48x Mirio

No returns or exchanges
Pops come as-is.

Can NOT be combined with pre-orders.