The Chalice Box 9/27

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Limit 1 Boxes per customer

Each box contains ONE Random Pop from the list Below
There are a total of 300 Boxes Available

Below is a list of all 300 possible Pops included.
1x Masked Ochaco (SDCC)
1x Baxter Stockman (SDCC)
1x Phines (GITD)
1x Freddy Funko as Rick
1x Robin (NYCC)
1x Slim (Shared)
6x Bakugo (Shared Sticker)
12x Vegeta (Powering up) - Chase
12x Kale - Chase
12x Vegeta (Galick) - Chase
60x Vegeta (Powering up)
60x Kale 
60x Vegeta (Galick) 
72x Mirio

No returns or exchanges
Pops come as-is.

Can NOT be combined with pre-orders.